Jobs for U.S. Veterans in the Data Center Industry

Salute Inc. Joins!


Salute Inc. believes the honor, courage and selfless service Veterans have shown has enormous value in the civilian workplace. The reception to their charter has been significant and they believe the attraction is the realization that their disciplined approach and procedure driven services will mitigate risks and ensure predictable outcomes for your mission critical facilities.

Salute Incorporated specializes in utilizing highly trained American military veterans for data center owners and operators of all sizes. Their personnel have the distinction of having honorably served their country with the skills they obtained through the rigorous training programs offered by their armed forces. The scope of their efforts is focused on data center project requirements that can be satisfied with disciplined labor. Their project experience includes data center cleaning, containment installation, battery maintenance, cage build outs and general logistics support.

At Salute Inc. their goal is to serve as a gateway for veterans to be introduced to the data center industry. This industry depends on disciplined work ethic, a desire to continuously learn and leadership which are all strengths gained from military service. The data center industry continues to grow rapidly and has so many different paths to choose from.

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