Maine Hire-a-Vet successfully connects employers to job-seeking veterans



By Adria Horn

Maine’s unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, according to the latest statewide employment report released by the Maine Department of Labor. While that’s good news for most of the state, Maine employers are struggling to find qualified candidates in this tight job market. At the Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services we know that our veterans can contribute incredible skills and expertise to the workforce. Unfortunately, cultural barriers often cause unexpected complications for veterans seeking post-service employment.

I know firsthand how challenging finding a job after service can be. I moved to Maine from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, after separating from active duty six years ago. As a West Point graduate with a master’s degree in business administration from Northeastern University, a military police officer and a psychological operations officer who deployed five times in support of the global war on terror, I assumed that transitioning into the civilian workforce would be seamless.

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