We have millions of open jobs, so where are the people to fill them?


President Trump campaigned on one main economic priority: job growth. He has since launched multiple initiatives to spur job creation in the United States. But even the most promising of these initiatives — the White House’s recent executive order to expand federal job training — may produce lackluster results, as it is based on an outdated model of training workers for the jobs of the past.

The United States is currently experiencing a skills gap. Right now, there are 6 million job openings and 7 million unemployed workers. Today’s unemployed workers are simply not equipped with the skills to successfully match with unfilled jobs. Effective worker training has the potential to close this gap. It can also help to fill the shortage of U.S. workers in computer science and other science, technology, engineering and math fields, and help workers who have been displaced by international competition to secure new employment.

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