Robots are coming for our jobs here’s why the founder of ‘blue collar LinkedIn’ isn’t worried


By Áine Cain

That may sound vaguely dystopian, but it’s on the horizon. A 2013 study from Oxford University found that a whopping 47% of US jobs could be automatized in 20 years.

Jobcase CEO and founder Fred Goff has seen fears about this trend crop up among some of the 70 million users of his blue-collar-friendly job site.

But he told Business Insider that the move toward automation shouldn’t scare people too much — not even those whose blue-collar jobs are already being automated.

He compared the current shift to the transformation of work that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. According to the New York Times, farmers made up of about 64% of the working population of the US in 1850. By 1920, that number was around 30.2%. Today, the American Farm Bureau Federation said that only 2% of Americans are farmers.

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