Entertainment Here Are the 20 Highest Paying Jobs in America This Year


When it comes to career paths, job titles like “oil baron” or “CEO of Fortune 500 company” will always gross the highest incomes in the country. But for those of us not born into excessive wealth or destined to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, LinkedIn’s annual State of Salary report highlights the many other options for high-paying and rewarding jobs that are much more plausible.

The report cites data from over 2 million LinkedIn users through April of this year, providing a glimpse of the trades and industries that offer the most lucrative salaries, entry-level positions, and career-track options in America. If you’re at all motivated by cash, consider it your adult guidance counselor.

The new findings align with previous research regarding high-paying jobs in the medical industry, concluding that the highest paying profession in the country is that of an orthopaedic surgeon, which grosses an average salary of $450,000 per year, nationwide.

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