The Robots Stealing Human Jobs – Bring It On


By Tim Worstall

We are bombarded with claims that the robots, the AIs, are about to come and steal all human jobs making us entirely redundant. We thus get calls that this requires an entire overturning of human society and golly gosh the government should be doing more.

This is rather to miss Karl Marx’s point of course, which is that if the robots do steal all the jobs, the robots do all the work, then we have the precondition for the arrival of that true communism, something which can only happen when we have beaten the problem of economic scarcity. And if we do manage that, to beat economic scarcity, then we’ve not really got an economic problem that requires a solution, no, not even one from government.

David Henderson takes this on using a slightly different tack here. I just want to add a little bit to that.

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