Air Force seeks retired pilots to return for staff jobs, will boost flight pay



The Air Force is hoping some retired pilots will return temporarily to active duty to serve in staff positions in a move aimed at keeping its current middle-ranked pilots in the air, the service’s top civilian said Friday.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson announced the service is looking for up to 25 retired pilots to return to the service on 12-month contracts to fill staff jobs that require the expertise of a military pilot. It is the Air Force’s latest attempt to keep experienced mid-level officers in their cockpits as it faces continued pilot retention issues.

“We’d like to keep our pilots who are current in the aircraft in the aircraft and try to fill some of these vital flight slots with people who have the experience needed but who have subsequently retired from the service,” Wilson told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday. “…Come on back to active duty, give us another year of service in a staff job.”

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