Economy Adds 222K Jobs in June


By Sara Lavenduski

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that the U.S. economy generated 222,000 jobs in June, more than the 178,000 that economists had expected. The tally represents the largest jobs increase since February, and brings the monthly average for April through June to 194,000.

The majority of job creation took place in the Healthcare and Social Assistance industries, which saw 59,000 more jobs last month. Next were Education and Health Services (45,000), Leisure and Hospitality (36,000) and Government (35,000). The goods-producing sector added 25,000 jobs, including 16,000 in Construction, 8,000 in Mining and Logging and 1,000 in Manufacturing.

June’s robust job creation continues the recent trend of better-than-expected numbers: May’s 152,000 new jobs was revised up from 138,000, and April’s 207,000 was revised up from 174,000.

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