Are Summer Jobs Still a Thing?



It used to be that a summer job was a teenage rite of passage. Slinging ice cream, tearing tickets at the movies, and working a grocery store checkout were all gigs that were easy to get for a few months’ worth of cash.

But recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that last summer marks another in the declining trend of teenage summer work. In fact, in 2016, only 43 percent of teens in the U.S. had a summer job. That’s down from the high of 72 percent of American teens ages 16-19 who worked in the month of July in 1978, when the numbers peaked. But why the drop?

School Is Harder Than It Used to Be

Not only do stats show that more teens are enrolled in school, but have you seen homework these days? And according to the BLS, more teens take summer school classes, as a way to boost their academics, or get ahead a bit over their college competition.

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