Americans say jobs market best since 2001


By JeffryBartash

The latest survey of consumer confidence shows that people think it’s easier to get a job now than anytime in the past 16 years. Some 32.8% of those surveyed in June say jobs are “plentiful,” according to the Conference Board, the privately run publisher of the report.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that optimism about finding a job is running high. Job openings are at a record peak and the unemployment rate recently fell to 4.3%, also the lowest level since 2001. More and more companies complain they cannot find enough skilled workers to find open jobs.

The percentage of consumers who say jobs are “hard to get,” what’s more, is also at a 16-year low of 18%. The last time it was lower was in August 2001, when 16% of American agreed.

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