Investment in veterans’ care keeps nation strong

Soldier saluting


Remember the original Biosphere project in the 1990s in Arizona? It had a problem. As trees grew inside the Biosphere, scientists found that, at certain heights, they would just topple over.

My Grampa Isaacks didn’t talk much about his service in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII in the Pacific. As a young man, I was interested and always asked him questions about war. It wasn’t because of what I know now as an adult, but because I was big into GI Joe as a kid. You know how some memories you have are clearer than others? My grandpa’s home was located in Independence, and, although located within a neighborhood, the yard was larger than normal and had these huge, soaring trees.

My grandpa, who was pretty old even when I was young, was out in the yard one day, and I took the opportunity to spend time with him. My fascination with his military service was sparked earlier that day when he gave me an old Army knife, which I later learned was a bayonet knife he carried while serving in the Pacific.

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