Starbucks Hiring Initiatives Reach Out to Military Community, Opportunity Youth and Refugees



On January 29, Starbucks announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees around the world in the 75 countries where it does business over the next five years. This plan is an extension of Starbucks ongoing commitment to create pathways to meaningful employment for veterans, military spouses and opportunity youth.

10,000 Veteran and Military Spouse Hires by 2018

Starbucks has hired 8,800 veterans and military spouses toward a five-year goal to reach 10,000 by 2018. To kick start the effort back in 2013, Starbucks brought aboard dedicated military recruiters, established connections at more than 200 military bases across the globe, attended more than 500 military hiring fairs and sponsored 14 hiring summits.

Starbucks also operates 32 Military Family Stores near major military bases. These locations have been given the special designation as a place of welcoming and support for military communities around the country, serving as an important gathering place to reconnect veterans with their communities, support successful transitions and create career opportunities.

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