Channel Control Merchants Joins!



Channel Control Merchants, LLC is a diverse group of companies headquartered in South Mississippi who share a common mission to assist companies with the disposition of their non-performing assets.

They have been in business for more than 75 years and are market leaders in the handling and disposition of consumer inventories. They are the market share leaders in the removal and sale of retail insurance claim inventories in the United States and abroad, and they are the single largest direct-to-retail vendor of customer return inventories in the United States.

They also purchase non-performing inventories and other assets from a broad spectrum of suppliers, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, bankruptcy trustees and other distress situation vendors.

They are unique in their attention to financial recovery and the service issues associated with the asset disposition process, and they have an unparalleled record in providing the best channel control option in the United States for brand sensitive inventories.

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