Service and Sacrifice: Former State Legislator Leads Program to help Maine Veterans




“They always say you stand on the shoulders of the people who went before you and I think in many cases that is very, very true,” and, in Charlie Summers’ case, that’s a long line of relatives stretching back in history; a record of service woven into the fabric of who he is.

“With me, my father, my uncle, my great uncle, my grandfather, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, going back to the Civil War,” he recounted from his Portland office at the Easter Seals.  He is the Executive Director of the Northern New England program and overseas the financial arm of the group’s Military and Veterans Services program.   Veterans Count helps to augment the cost of providing physical and mental health services to Armed Forces in Maine.  Currently, they describe an “overwhelming crisis” facing the nation in meeting the needs of soldiers who’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan; one that only continues to grow.

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