Former sergeant channels years of guilt into hope for veterans



By Taylor Mirfendereski

Thousands of former service members who’ve seen the worst on the battlefield are stripped of the honor they earned while defending our country; few get to face one of the people who took it from them.

Except for the those who meet Larry Turk.

Turk is a 51-year-old Army veteran and the veterans recovery coach at Recovery Cafe in Tacoma. He’s on a mission to help former service members who have an other-than-honorable discharge status —  the ousted service members who are denied vital benefits and services because of something they did.

These military men and women were trained to follow their mission without question. But for this group, the hardest battle was questioning everything when they came home.

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Arnaldo Rodgers
Arnaldo Rodgers is an educated Psychologist and works as a Elementary grade teacher and counselor. He is also editor of Veterans News Now and reports on all issues related to U.S. Veterans. He is dedicated to excellence and making sure all Veterans get the news they need to make sure their lives are of the highest standards possible.

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