Energy Focus, Inc. Joins!



Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficient LED lighting products, and a developer of energy efficient lighting technology. Their solutions provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting. Their long-standing relationship with the U.S. Government includes numerous research and development projects for the DOE and DARPA, creating energy efficient LED lighting systems for the U.S. Navy fleet.  Customers include national, state and local U.S. government agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy and many others.

Life is short! There is no substitute of time and happiness in life. If there is no fun working at Energy Focus—which takes half or even more of employees time when they are awake—there is no reason working here. As part of the team you would need to constantly ask yourself if you are enjoying your time, realizing your life’s aspirations, and making positive impact on the lives of others—colleagues, customers, vendors, partners and investors—working here. As a company Energy Focus is obligated to make their company a fun, worthwhile place for their team members to spend their invaluable time with.

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