VetTechTrek is creating an e-learning platform to help veterans build careers in the tech industry



By Fitz Tepper

VetTechTrek is a nonprofit founded last year with the goal of helping military veterans network with the technology industry.

Over the last 12 months they have worked toward this goal by hosting multiple “treks” that brought more than 180 veterans and spouses to meet with veterans who work at more than 60 technology startups in New York, Silicon Valley and Washington, DC. Some companies have included Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Y Combinator.

While feedback was great, the nonprofit became overwhelmed with requests from both veterans and companies wanting to participate.

So today VetTechTrek is launching Project Standard, an e-learning platform that will house a library of resources to help veterans build great post-military careers. Essentially, the nonprofit plans to help veterans with anything “that can help translate their military experiences to stories and skills that make sense for hiring managers and founding teams.”

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