Program designed to help homeless veterans in Maryland



By Megan Pringle

It is estimated there are about 30,000 homeless veterans in the United States.

A program in Baltimore is working to give them a place to live, support and job training. Organizers said the program is proving to be successful.

Jamison Weaver is one of those veterans. As a platoon leader, one of Weaver’s responsibilities is to make sure the floors shine in the barracks. The only thing is that Weaver was honorably discharged 13 years ago and the barracks are in Baltimore City.

“(The program has been) a godsend,” Weaver said. “It’s saved my life; that’s the simplest way to put it. It’s been a lifesaver.”

Weaver is talking about the place he’s been living since November: the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training, or MCVET.

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