Local group building tiny houses for homeless veterans



By Matt Stewart

Two veterans are building unique shelters in Kansas City to help homeless veterans.

They’re called tiny houses, and this is the first of fifty to be built at 89th and Troost.

The group is called Veterans Community Project and for every $10,000 they raise, they will build another tiny home on this land.

These will be transitional housing for some of the 170 homeless vets in KC who are not eligible to get help from the Veterans Administration.

“I’ve worked with homeless people who have PhD’s to those who have GEDs in high school,” co-founder of Veterans Community Project Kevin Jamison said. “There’s no stereotype for homelessness, and it’s just circumstantial for a lot of people. Some people may have gotten into homelessness because of addiction, some may have gotten into it because of loss of a job. Most people, it’s a financial reason they’ve become homeless.”

The village will eventually have running water and electricity, and counselors will help them find a job and get back on their feet.

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