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The Dav-Force team is comprised of former Military Veterans who understand the essential need to support military forces and veterans. Why do they hire Veterans? Because they have Proven Leadership Skills, they are mission focused team players with a can do work ethic. They are highly trained and well educated, and immediately contribute to the success of their company. That is why they are a strong advocate and supporter of the National Veterans Service (NVS) programs.

Dav-Force Inc. is currently hiring for these positions:

Electronics Technician – Seeking certified and qualified Electronics/Communications Electronics Technician for contract on Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek SC.

Direct Support Electrical Sysems Test Set (DSESTS) Mechanics –

Job Description: Inspects, cleans, repairs and modifies line replaceable units and other components utilized on combat vehicles. Identifies isolates, troubleshoots, and repairs malfunctions using appropriate procedures and applicable technical manuals, TMDE, and tools. MOS 41C/91G Maintain and/or repair laser range finders, ballistic computers, laser observation devices, laser designators, thermal imaging systems, periscopes, telescopes. Maintain and/or repair commander’s weapon station/auxiliary sights, aiming circles, image transfer assemblies, quadrants, mount assemblies, fire control support equipment. Maintain and/or repair test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment. Perform battlefield damage assessment and repair.

Gunsmith 1 –

Job Description: The Gunsmith I is responsible to perform detailed assembly and disassembly of foreign and domestic small arms weapons including t small arms inspection, maintenance, and minor repairs. This employee possesses knowledge of the tools (i.e. hammers, punches, files, stones, etc.) and gauges needed to perform assigned duties, has limited knowledge in the operation of gun-smiting machinery such as lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, etc., as well as limited knowledge of tooling used with those machines. The Gunsmith I has knowledge of basic shop safety procedures needed to work in a small arms environment, performs support functions for the shop, to include bead blasting and preparing metal parts for refinishing. Other support functions include, but are not limited to, ammo inventory and residue turn-in, publication and catalogue updates, tool and capital equipment maintenance, calibration control, weapons cleaning and organizational level weapons maintenance. This person may assist primary instructor in conducting Armorer’s courses on specific small arms systems.

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