The Best 4-Year Colleges For Veterans In 2016



By Karsten Strauss

Going back to school after a stint in the military is not easy. Oftentimes, for vets, returning to academia must be a part-time affair amidst a slew of other professional and sometimes familial obligations. Some schools have better success receiving former military personnel than others and it’s a good idea for school-seekers to know which ones those are.

For the second year in a row, The University of Nebraska at Omaha claimed the top spot on the list of Best 4-Year Colleges for Veterans. The ranking, compiled by news and information company, Military Times, zeroed in on the school. (For a complete countdown of the top 12, check out our gallery below.)

The University of Nebraska ranked highly in offering academic support and extracurricular activities for veterans. It also received four stars in its participation with the Yellow Ribbon Program, which helps veterans bridge the gap between what the GI Bill is willing to pay for and the tuition of the schools they wish to attend. According to the most recent disclosures, in 2014 the school welcomed 755 veteran or military students as part of its 15,000-plus student body.

As far as graduation rates are concerned, 43% of military personnel attending University of Nebraska graduate within six years. Though that figure is not exactly stellar, an average of 94% of graduates were employed six years after graduating; working for an average salary of $66,500.

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