Stivers teacher links students to veterans



By Virginia Burroughs

Since 2005, Stivers School for the Arts history teacher Bridget Federspiel has involved students in the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. Planning to add a video component, she stumbled onto yet another addition to the project.

This spring students will learn about the Medal of Honor and meet a MOH recipient she’s bringing to the school.

Her students have submitted more than 450 veterans’ stories to the national project. “They do the interviews after school and on weekends, in the building and sometimes at the veterans’ homes,” said Federspiel, a Kettering resident.

Last November, she and her husband, Perry McLeod, a history teacher in Columbia, S.C., attended the annual American Veterans Center Conference in Washington, D.C., to learn more about a video contest now being offered.

“Students videotape a veteran’s interview and submit it. There’s an annual winner, and we wanted to get our students involved,” Federspiel said. They were able to view last year’s winning video and get needed information.

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