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RhinoPro CS mission is to develop top-quality proprietary, high performance polymers based on polyurethane, polyurea, and epoxy formulations. Rhino takes pride in developing protective coatings products that time and again dominate the spray on lining market for industrial, commercial, and retail applications.

The RhinoPro™ Cartridge System is a dual component pneumatic applicator specially designed for applying the high quality Rhino® protective coatings packaged in disposable cartridges. It allows you to apply a variety of 100% solid, fast set materials that set in seconds and can be used in a number of coating projects. The RhinoPro™ cartridge system connects to your standard air compressor and requires no electricity.

Rhino Pro is hiring veterans for these two positions:

Sales Manager-


Must have clean driving record and current driver’s license

Must have 2 years of management experience

Must have good administrative skills

Must have 3 years of maintenance experience

Must have 1-2 years of sales experience

Must be 18+ years of age

Must speak English (bilingual is welcome but not required)

Must have transportation to and from work

Must have basic computer/smartphone knowledge and skills

Must be willing to learn

Must complete training and trial period in order to receive a full time job offer

Performing other duties as assigned

Report all expenses through provided software

Practice and comply with all company policies and procedures

Must be physically able to operate all equipment and climb portable ladder in order to get in and out of truck beds, trailers etc.:.

Must keep the van and warehouse, if applicable, clean and organized.

Lead Technician-Mobile Van – IMMEDIATE HIRING – Tampa, FL $24,000 p/yr –

Job Description:(several skills will be acquired during training – not prerequisite)

Identify, acquire, manage, and maintain dealer relationship.

Prep all spraying surfaces, ie.: truck beds, flat beds, trailers etc.:

Apply spray-on bed liner

Identify issues, if any, with final product prior to delivery of vehicle or item to the dealer.

Move non-company dealer vehicles on and off lot as needed

Inventory Control– receive, manage, report, and reorder

Send complete work orders – per vehicle

Form provided by corporate office

Must be reported to the corp. office on the same day

Maintenance of company vehicle – have vehicle serviced by approved dealer on regular service schedule.

Maintenance of equipment including but not limited to:

Workstation station filter replacements

Desiccant dryer service and tune up

Compressor and generator – oil changes and regular service required

Must have all equipment serviced by approved locations (given through corp. office) when service is due.
Clean and Maintain interior of the van and/or warehouse

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