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Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP (NYSE: BWP) is a midstream master limited partnership that provides transportation, storage, gathering and processing of natural gas and liquids for their customers. Through their subsidiaries, they own and operate approximately 14,090 miles of interconnected natural gas pipelines, directly serving customers in thirteen states and indirectly serving customers throughout the northeastern and southeastern United States through numerous interconnections with unaffiliated pipelines. They also own and operate more than 435 miles of natural gas liquids (“NGLs”) pipelines in Louisiana and Texas. In 2015, their pipeline systems transported approximately 2.4 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas and approximately 46.6 MMBbls of NGLs. Average daily throughout on their natural gas pipeline system during 2015 was approximately 6.7 Bcf. Their natural gas storage facilities are comprised of 14 underground storage fields located in four states with an aggregate working gas capacity of approximately 205 Bcf, and their NGLs storage facilities consist of nine salt-dome caverns located in Louisiana with an aggregate storage capacity of 24 MMBbls. They also own three salt-dome caverns and a brine pond for use in providing brine supply services and to support the NGLs storage operations.

Boardwalk is currently looking to hire veterans for these featured positions:

Sr. Measurement Specialist –

In this role, you will be responsible for the calibration, gas sampling, testing, operation , gas quality monitoring and maintenance of Gulf South measurement facilities and pipeline systems in the, LA area. The measurement facilities include orifice meters, ultrasonic meters, flow computers, samplers, communications devices, regulators, relief valves, valves, and actuators. This role will also be responsible for environmental health and safety and reliability for natural gas transmission through the pipeline system in the Delhi/Tallulah, LA area. You will be responsible for recognition and reporting of abnormal and safety related operating conditions, accident and near miss reporting, performing emergency response procedures, performing regulatory compliance procedures, and performing repair procedures and will be required to respond to call-outs to emergency or abnormal situations. This role will be required to live within 30 miles of the Delhi or Tallulah facility in order to respond to call-outs expediently.

Sr. Communications Specialist –

This position will receive training to become responsible for duties that consist of, but are not limited to, the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of SCADA Radio systems, Data Concentrator/RTU facilities, networking/LAN, telephone, automated gate controls, surveillance cameras, applicable two-way radio facilities throughout South Mississippi and the Gulf Coast regions of Alabama and Florida. This role will eventually become responsible for the sole support of all field Communications related issues within the above listed areas and will provide interim support for neighboring areas in Louisiana and Mississippi, as required, and will be expected to respond to call-outs after hours and on weekends. Qualified candidate should live within 30 miles of the Gulfport, Mississippi office location in order to respond to call-outs in a timely manner. Qualified candidate will report to the Gulfport, Mississippi Area Manager on all employee related issues and will coordinate all field Communications issues through the BWP Field Communications Leader in Sterlington, Louisiana.

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