50,000 veterans and families have signed up to drive Uber

Driving at twilight

Driving at twilight


UberMilitary has reached its goal of signing up 50,000 members of the military community to become drivers, the company announced Thursday.

The initiative began in September 2014, and half of the 50,000 have taken their first ride so far. To celebrate, the company is donating $1 million to veterans service organizations on behalf of its UberMilitary Advisory Board.

Todd Bowers, Marine veteran and UberMilitary director, told Military Times that working for Uber helps veterans and their families transition back into civilian life. He said the military drivers he’s spoken to name flexibility as the biggest selling point: They can earn an income while they continue the job hunt or save money to go back to school.

“I compare it to the lance corporal who’s just getting out of the service in February and wants to go back to college,” Bowers said. “He has that awkward six to eight months until classes start. Uber helps him fill that gap and helps with the transition.”

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