Whistleblower At Phoenix VA Continues His Fight To Save Suicidal Veterans



By Susan Calloway Knowles

Many of us are aware that veterans commit suicide at an average of 22 per day. We’re appalled by the daunting statistics while at the same time selfishly thankful that it didn’t happen to someone within our family.

But for many who are trying to cope with the loss of a veteran who they claim committed suicide because proper medical treatment wasn’t provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs, there is anger.

For VA whistleblower Brandon Coleman, a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps and VA employee for approximately eight years, it has been his calling to help suicidal veterans and their families who come to the Phoenix VA.

Coleman has dedicated his life to saving those who have seemingly been forgotten by a system that promised to take care of them once they completed their service for this country. At least that was what Coleman was doing until he spoke out last year against the Phoenix VA.

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