Is the Unemployment Rate for Veterans as Low as WSJ Claims?



By John Gray

The unemployment rate among veterans has fallen to a seven-year low, a result of an improving job market and federal policies that promote employment among service members.  That’s the narrative of a recent Wall Street Journal Article.

But are they correct?  Lifting the labels used by the fact-checking website,, this article might be “half true.” The unemployment rate among all veterans has been dropping since the 2008 financial crisis, although it has yet to rebound to pre-crisis levels.  Today, the veteran unemployment rate is 4.6 percent, less than a percent lower than the rate of 5.3 percent in 2014.

However, as I’ve written previously, the unemployment rate under Obama has persistently been a economic metric with less relevance.  In the past, the unemployment rate worked fine; it was measured by taking the number of people who didn’t have a job but were actively looking for one divided by all total workers.

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