Hormel Foods employees help veterans across the state




When we think of donating  items like clothes and perishable foods might come to mind, but employees from Hormel Foods came together to donate hygiene products to local veterans.

“We have supported veterans and we will continue to support veterans,” said James Snee, President of Hormel Foods.

Employees at Hormel Foods are reaching out to those who have served and their donations may be something many of us take for granted.

“It’s an ongoing issue and we’re trying to get it to zero, but it’s a huge task and any help that we can get to assist our homeless veterans is very much appreciated,” said James Kellogg, US Air Force Veteran.

This year the Hormel Military Veterans Engagement Team, HMVET, set a goal of 600 bags filled with items like soap, tooth brushes and even deodorant. The employees went above and beyond reaching a total of 755 bags.

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