8 Great Jobs For Veterans In 2016



By Karsten Strauss

This past January the U.S. unemployment rate hit an 8-year low of 4.9%. With fewer people out of work, recruiters are finding it harder to find job applicants to fill open position and according to the Society of Human Resource Managers, 2016 will see an increase in that trend.

All in all, these factors indicated that the power in the jobs market lies with job-seekers, not employers.

And our veterans are well suited to take advantage of the relatively optimistic job market. Job search info site, CareerCast.com, just completed an analysis that shows which positions were very well suited to former military personnel looking for new careers. Referencing careers tracked in its Jobs Rated report, high-employment sectors per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and top hiring companies of veterans, CareerCast.com spotlighted eight professions for servicemen and women transitioning to the civilian workforce. (To see the median incomes of those careers, check out the slideshow above.)

Financial Advisor

Most folks need financial advice, says CareerCast content editor Kyle Kensing, and vets are no different. Financial advisers who can reach out to the veteran community are sought after. “Military Times ranks its top employers for veterans and financial institutions are increasing their allocation for outreach to veterans to bring more in to help in the financial sector.”

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Management Consultant
  • Network and Systems Administrator
  • Physical Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Human Resources Manager

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