The Advantages of Employing Veterans



By Patrick Barnett

The men and women of our armed forces are highly trained professionals who have a lot to offer employers in almost every field.

Gone are the days when military service training was limited to the things that take place on the battlefields.

Chances are good that your business can benefit greatly from the problem solving and leadership skills, among other highly coveted skills, that are so prominent among our military veterans.

Many returning vets go to college and receive an education in fields like medicine, engineering, computer sciences, and countless other industries.

The combination of education and practical experiences during their military service gives them an edge in many industries.

And because a quarter of a million service men and women leave the military and return to civilian life each year, reports Got Your Six, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering veterans as they return home and rejoin their communities, you have ample opportunity to snap up one or more vets for your organization.

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