Program helps veterans find civilian jobs in solar energy industry




A new program is helping military veterans make the transition to civilian employment, specifically in the solar power industry.

Hill Air Force Base acquires 20 percent of its power from renewable energy sources, like solar panels. The program trains veterans to work in solar power jobs when they return home from combat or retire from the military.

In 2009, Hill Air Force Base built the largest solar panel farm in Utah, and, last April, during his visit to Utah, President Barack Obama announced a solar energy training initiative to help veterans find jobs when they return home from deployment and enter civilian life.

Some veterans tell FOX 13 they had no prior experience before joining the military. “I think a lot of us did enlist right out of high school: This has been my career, my life,” Christopher Howe said. Howe has been with the Air Force for 20 years and is ready to retire.

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