Local man helps other veterans transition back into civilian life



By Sandra Gonzalez

Phil Randazzo runs the health insurance brokerage Nevada Benefits and one of his passions has been to put his small business skills to use in helping our veterans transition into civilian life. Randazzo has been helping veterans put one boot forward here at home as he nurtures their small business hopes.

“I just take a picture of what I ate, it’s basically like a calorie counter meets Instagram,” says army veteran Thomas Typinski about his app.

The veteran turned entrepreneur, is explaining his app Peak Physique, one of two small businesses he operates. The other company helps small businesses with internet marketing. He says both are blossoming thanks to local businessman Phil Randazzo who offered office space at Nevada Benefits.

“It’s given me a home for both of my businesses and has allowed me to take it a little more seriously and just look more professional and have a place where people can come visit me and talk to me and work with me,” Typinski says.

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