At Northgate Bar, Veterans are Serving After Serving



By Steve Fullhart

Dustin Batson’s expectations for West End Elixir Company, one of College Station’s newest bars, have been exceeded, he says.

Found at the former Church Street BBQ on the far west end of the Northgate District, it’s only been open for a few weeks. In place of the Q, you’ll find dozens of cocktails, brick oven pizzas and more.

“We wanted to basically be a refuge for the older crowd that doesn’t want to deal with the rest of Northgate,” the owner said.

In a way, it’s also become a refuge for some veterans, and for Batson himself.

“I was in Fallujah (Iraq) in 2005. I was in Karmah (Iraq) in 2007, and then I was in Helmand Province (Afghanistan) in 2008,” the Marine said. “I didn’t get to go anywhere nice.”

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