Number of student veterans suffering from PTSD rises in U.S.



By Tanner Osborne

As united States soldiers return from the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of student veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is rising across the country.

Student veteran Drew Hendricks said he believes the primary problem for veteran students at OU is the lack of support offered due to the fact that it does not provide them a space where they can continue to serve their community.

During his time in the military, Hendricks served 11 years as a combat correspondent, or military public relations officer, and he learned a whole arsenal of skills he thinks should be applicable to his education and the OU community as a whole, he said.

Hendricks said for veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, it can be hard to come forward or talk about these issues. As proof of that, no veteran who suffers from PTSD volunteered to tell his or her story or their opinion on the matter.

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