Archer Lodge begins raising money for veterans memorial




Archer Lodge’s memorial to veterans has been one of the oldest projects for North Carolina’s youngest town. The first whispers of a memorial began nearly two years ago, and this Veterans Day, the project will still be three years from completion.

With a design endorsed by the Town Council and nearly 100 brick orders filed, the town’s veterans’ committee is taking its first steps toward funding the project. Last month, the committee held a biscuit sale, netting $1,300 worth of donations through plain, sausage and ham biscuits. Committee member Saundra Freeman said the takeaway from the sale was “make more ham.”

“We learned some things, like, more ham, less sausage,” Freeman said, adding that the committee plans another biscuit sale this month. “But it was a really nice turnout, and we spent some money on this sale that we likely won’t have to spend again, which will leave more for the monument.”

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