Process eased for Ohio veterans to get college credit for service



By Mary Mogan Edwards

Not so long ago, military veterans trying to get college credit for their time in the service could do so, but only if they could convince their college that their training equaled a course.

Jay Favuzzi, a veteran of two Army tours in Afghanistan, was granted 21 credit hours from State University of New York-Potsdam in 2002, but only after “basically doing a 20-page paper” and navigating military bureaucracy to make his case.

Now, Favuzzi works for Columbus State Community College and, as manager of military and veterans services, he plays a key role in putting veterans in the fast lane toward degrees or certificates.

Since Gov. John Kasich issued an executive order in 2013 that directed state occupational-licensing agencies and higher-education officials to streamline the process of giving veterans credit for what they already have done, the picture has changed. A 2014 law required colleges and universities to work out how they will give credit for certain military courses, and it encouraged them to expand the list.

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