Veterans help run resource center for other veterans in need



By Holly Zachariah

The mini-stroke that stole part of his vision set him back, and Larry Mays realized that he needed a little help to get through the next few weeks.

A Navy veteran and former Columbus police officer who now is the pastor of a storefront church on the North Side, Mays remembered picking up a brochure awhile back for the Military Veterans Resource Center on E. Dublin-Granville Road. He went there last week to get help with his disability paperwork.

The employees gave him the help he sought and more, he said. He left with a box stuffed with enough food for weeks.

He got beans and pasta and cans of soup and tuna and vegetables and fruit. There was peanut butter and jelly and bread for sandwiches. And he took home frozen hamburger and chicken and a bag of onions. He even got a cake mix and some Girl Scout cookies for dessert.

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