The Working Class and the Veterans Class Are One and the Same


It is right to honor our comrades through remembrance. It, too, is right to honor their noble deeds and sacrifice through action.

Since that early September morning, when so many of our lives were forever changed, millions of us decided to serve our nation—to throw ourselves into the fight and to risk life and limb in the service of our country and to the comrade to our left and right.

And how are we faring now that we’re back home? Now that the parades are past, now that war has been replaced on the nightly news with who’s wearing what and who’s dating who, how are we, the veterans class, faring? Well….

We fought the enemy overseas. Now our jobs might be heading overseas. We fought to lift up the ideals of our nation. Now politicians seek to drive down our wages. We cheered for the first responders on Sept. 11. Now they’re struggling to get the care they earned. We fought for safety and security. Now our safety and security are being trampled underfoot with each attack on veterans’ health care.

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