Why a Professional Military Resume Writer should Write your Resume



Have you recently ended your military career, possibly retiring, or thinking of a career change into the civilian work world? If so, then you need a civilian-based resume that removes all military jargon and replaces it with key industry buzzwords and phrases!

Do you know that the #1 reason many military personnel and officers do not successfully make the break into regular jobs is because their resumes are too formal, too detailed, and most importantly lack the focus and direction a civilian’s resume offers a corporate employer? While your resume may have been perfect in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, it will simply not be effective in your upcoming civilian career search.

Not only have basic resume writing rules changed since you were last in the civilian job market, but also potential employers are now looking for different and unique qualities. We can take your specialties and key skills and translate them into solid, essential transferable assets that a professional of your caliber requires.

By fine-tuning your resume and highlighting your career achievements, we can re-focus your career achievements and responsibilities so seamlessly that you can smoothly make your important transition.

Don’t let your resume hold you back, let it be your most powerful personal marketing tool. Your new resume will be a carefully written, thorough resume package that will reflect all your unique areas of expertise, skills, and career milestones to make you the perfect candidate to enter this new and competitive job market.

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