How Code Platoon is paving the way for more veterans in tech

Soldier and young man with backpack smiling

Soldier and young man with backpack smiling

By Sam Dewey

Tech culture has long been criticized for its exclusivity: For women, for people of color, for members of the LGBT community, tech’s so-calleddiversity problem often makes it harder for some identities to land jobs, found companies, secure funding, or have their contributions to innovation respected and heard.

One of the many responses to tech’s lack of diversity is a surge of identity-based coding bootcamps. These organizations superimpose the popular and intense bootcamp teaching model onto their own programs aimed at underrepresented members of the tech community.

There are coding bootcamps just for women, coding initiatives for urban, low-opportunity youth, and even bootcamps designed specifically forwomen of color — all of which work to even the playing field and arm workers with the skills they need to succeed in tech jobs.

And a new Chicago bootcamp is adding a program just for veterans to that list.

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Arnaldo Rodgers
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