45 WWII Veterans receive diplomas from Milford High School



By Sloan Schrage

Milford High School handed out diplomas this month to 45 students who dropped out of school in the 1940s to fight World War II.

Recently, Cheryl Elmer, who grew up in Milford, was trying to organize her mother’s obituary collection by classmates.

“She was saying over and over to me, ‘You will not be able to find his graduation date because he went to war,'” she recalled. “I began researching this a little bit and found the impact of war mobilization on Milford High School was immense.”

Elmer poured through old Milford High School ledgers dating back to the war years to see how much that impact really was. She said she found the names of students who had withdrawn from school during this period. Elmer cross-checked those names against World War II rolls of local soldiers. In the end, she said she found 45 veterans who never received diplomas. Elmer wanted to make sure each veteran received a degree.

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