RTP Tech Training company to host Open House for Veterans




After 22 years of service, Johnnel Jones was thinking about life after the military. But for the retired Sergeant First Class, his 2008 departure from the Army didn’t have a clear next step.

“I had no clue,” Jones said. “I had no clue what I was going to do. I just knew my life in the military was done, and I’d had enough. It was time to do something else.”

A Durham-based tech training company has helped him navigate towards that “something else.”

In July, Jones completed IT training with New Horizons Career Development Center. He’d first heard of the center through his wife, who had attended a job fair at Fort Bragg.

Armed with A+ and Security Plus certifications, the training has provided a path to new opportunities and increased job security in Jones’ current position as an HR specialist on Fort Bragg.

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