Acadiana Veterans Job Fair held in Lafayette



By Lydia Magallanes

Finding a job can be a difficult task, especially for soldiers transitioning back into the civillian world on wednesday local veterans had the chance to interact with employers at the 2015 Acadiana Veterans Job Fair on Wednesday.

Leda along with other career agencies and local veterans outreach programs have been working make the job fair possible since December. Among them, Brian Teegardin, whose a veterans employment representative for the state. With 20 years in the army, he knows first hand how difficult the transition from solder to civilian can be. “We come out of the military feeling like we can conquer the world but in reality employers are not asking you to conquer the world they’re just wanting you to focus on one aspect.”

Nicole Lopez also served in the army. Now she’s a representative of the Mission Vets, an organization that helps soldiers and veterans reacclimatize to civilian life. “Whenever they get out they feel lost and that’s kind of like the worst feeling in the world you never want somebody who just put their life on the line for so many years for their country feel lost when they’re home.”

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