TV Production Studio Seeks Veterans For New TV Show



Memo to Military veterans and those who love them:

What’s the dream job you or a veteran you know has all the skills for but hasn’t been able to break into?

A production studio who cannot yet be revealed  is seeking veterans who are experienced and looking to take the next steps in a tough career, such as comedy, an F1 racing crew, in the kitchen of a fine-dining establishment, as a stunt person, and more.

They are looking for those skilled veterans to be the focus of an unscripted docu-series that aims to highlight the diverse range of skills in our veterans and to elevate the discourse around the topic of what veterans do for a living after their service.

Casting now for initial on-camera interviews; non-union; those chosen will receive $50 for no more than a half-day shoot; selected candidates will be eligible to be featured in the series when it goes to full production.

Send them a paragraph or two that addresses the following:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Military experience
  • Dream job
  • Dream job experience

Contact email: [email protected]

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