Injured Veterans Face Another Battle Back Home To Receive Medical Care



By Nathan Baca

Veterans are waiting years for their injury claims to be answered by the VA. When they do get answers, those answers are often no. These are problems the Veterans Administration says they’ve been fixing these past two years.

The Army Achievement Medal for heroism can do little to dull the pain Sergeant James Creamer faces every day. In 1999, Sergeant Creamer’s helicopter crashed in the jungles of Honduras during hurricane relief work. Once he returned home, his true battle began, filing for disability claims with the Veterans Administration.

“This actual claim took a total of seven years. Seven years,” recalled Creamer.

Creamer received hope when the first letter he received agreed with his account of injuries he suffered during the crash. Five months later – another letter with a far different message.

Creamer read from the letter, “’There is no evidence or record documenting this accident even occurred.’ How can the same gentleman sign two pieces of paper saying ‘yes, the crash occurred,’ and ‘no the crash never even happened?’”

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