Do American Veterans Really Need Tax Breaks?




An interesting idea has been circulating through state legislative houses across the country, all in an effort to spur local economies and boost workforces with well-trained and disciplined employees. Naturally, this is one of the goals of any local government — to increase the human capital and strength of the economy. But by looking at a new subset of the population to accomplish that goal, a possibly unforeseen debate has started.

The subset in question are military veterans, whose training and skills developed in the armed forces have grown increasingly attractive to employers. This has created competition for employable veterans between states, according to an article from The Wall Street Journal, which reports that several states are trying to figure out the best way to attract top veteran talent.

 So far, it seems that most legislatures are looking at offering veterans generous tax breaks in exchange for moving to their respective states. The Wall Street Journal says that after two decade-long wars, there has been a surge of relatively young, skilled talent entering the private sector from the military, and many are hungry to start building a life for themselves after their service. Not only that, but older veterans are also sought after for their abilities in situations as diverse as the fabrication shop to the boardroom.

The WSJ reports that 65 bills are making their way through legislative houses in 19 different states, making it obvious that there is a demand for these former military men and women and the skills they bring to the table.

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