Two veterans traveling 6,000 miles for service dog charity



By Liz Cooper

On Sunday, two veterans started a 6,000 mile journey across the country from Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Their first stop was in Myrtle Beach. Along side them, they have man’s best friend, their two dogs.

Dan Spangler said they are doing it for Operation Keep Your Spanky.  Spanky is Spangler’s 12-year-old dog.  He said Spanky saved his life. “If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here,” said Spangler.

Operation Keep Your Spanky is a non-profit organization Spangler is starting that provides support for veterans and their families so they can keep their service pets.  He said whether it’s food or help with vet bills, the program will keep families together.

“We want to help all the veterans by keeping the pets with the vets,” said Spangler.  “It’s not just the vets.  It’s the families. The kids get attached, and unfortunately people have financial hardships. We understand that, and we are here to help.”

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