Law would improve benefits for female veterans



By Ken Dixon

A prospective new law could help Shannon Lyons, a 51-year-old veteran of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, find a job that pays enough to save for a house.

The same goes for Carmen Roldan, 34, who served in Iraq with the Army National Guardin 2003.

Elaine Brown, a 51-year-old Army veteran, says she needs support to learn more about her eligibility for benefits.

For the first time in her 37 years, Elnora Cochran, an Army veteran, finds herself homeless.

And Angela Ackinson, also 51, hopes for better access to mental health services that could help her overcome grief from her son’s death five years ago.

Overlooked for decades, women military veterans like these would be encouraged to seek benefits and services that they earned, under legislation approved unanimously in the state Senate on Wednesday.

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