Sen. Tim Scott’s Office Hosts Job Workshop for Veterans



By Mary Sturgill

Senator Tim Scott’s office part of an effort to help veterans get jobs, get to the next level in their career, or start their own business.

The push is through a partnership with community and technical colleges, the Department of Social Services, and SC Works. Veterans will receive help with their resume and interviewing skills to prepare for a big job fair in Charleston on March 9.

Roy Lee Wolfe Sr. is an Army veteran who has been out of the military since 1988. Now in his 50’s, Wolfe currently works as a painter, but he’s hoping to find a better job. That’s why he attended the job training workshop in St. Matthews hosted by Scott’s office on Monday. He tells News19, “Of course I had a resume, but I wanted to revamp my resume to get it right for the next level.”

Since he was the only veteran to show up, he received some one-on-one advice on how to improve his resume. Delores DaCosta, the Regional Director for Senator Scott, says where veterans fall short is recognizing all the skills they actually have through their experience in the military. “One of the problems that we are seeing, is that veterans are having a problem translating their military skills into civilian skills, and that is a barrier for them,” she says.

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