Veterans’ Group Wants Non-Profit Corporation to Oversee VA Healthcare




A veterans’ organization says it wants to end Veterans Health Administration healthcare as it has long been known, turning oversight of the operation over to a non-profit government corporation and letting veterans relying on VA healthcare go where they like for it.

Concerned Veterans for America detailed its proposal in “Fixing Veterans Health Care.”

“Our proposal puts veterans in control of their health care,” the organization states in the introduction of the 100-page report. “This approach is not anti-VHA. It is pro-veteran. The VA should be given every opportunity to compete for veterans’ healthcare dollars. But it can no longer take veterans for granted as customers.”

One recommendation bound to make waves with traditional veterans’ service organizations is the group’s proposal for a Veterans Accountable Care Organization, or VACO. The government-chartered non-profit corporation would monitor the performance of VA facilities and “have more latitude to close unused hospitals and improve well-used ones,” writes Avik Roy, a senior fellow of The Manhattan Institute’s Center for Medical Progress and co-chair of the task force that prepared the report.

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